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Don't miss this fantastic opportunity! Receive your DuoLifeExclusive sessions with Beata Kapcewicz and Joanna Gdaniec during TFT - reach the top and make your dreams come true!

Dear Club Members,
The second edition of TFT will be exceptional in many ways, among which you will find sessions with Beata Kapcewicz and Joanna Gdaniec, outstanding Coaches and Mentors – extremely inspiring, full of passion, motivation and providing unforgettable emotions. Join us in Arena Gliwice on 20-21.11.21 and enter the fascinating world of personal development, where boundaries don't exist and dreams are made to come true!
Dream and Act - session with Beata Kapcewicz
Let yourself be invited to dreams, make brave decisions and take actions that will awaken the dormant energy inside you. After this session, you will enter the New Year motivated and full of enthusiasm, certainly managing to turn it into great successes.
During the session you will learn:
Why are some people successful and others frustrated and unhappy?
What do successful people do in life?
How to reach for success, happiness and fulfilment?
3 I'MPRO SUPERPOWERS You Need to Conquer Your Personal Mount Everest - session with Joanna Gdaniec
How do you discover which road leads to the summit and then how to conquer that summit? Joanna Gdaniec will help you find the answer to this question according to Hugh MacLeod's aphorism: “Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.”
During the session you will learn:
How to reach the peaks of your dreams and your potential with the three I'MPRO SUPERPOWERS?
What to take in your backpack and what to eliminate from it on the way to the summit?
How to "trick" the brain so that it does not manage to get in the way of ambitious plans and dreams?
Summary with Beata Kapcewicz
The event will close with a summary hosted especially for you by Beata Kapcewicz. Let's be there together, let's put all the advice and values together and... let us act in the belief that success really is waiting for everyone!
Join us and take advantage of the opportunities provided by sessions with outstanding Female Coaches who have helped thousands of people around the world change their lives for the better. Remember that each and every one of you can climb to the top, achieve happiness, fulfilment, and realise your dreams. TFT is the best time to start!
If you haven't bought tickets for TFT yet, you can still do so! Here are the prices:
16.10-19.11 Single 239 60 68 1840 19900 1500 53 5170
16.10-19.11 Package 398 100 114 3060 33200 2490 88 8620
20-21.11 (on-site) Single 279 70 80 2150 23300 1750 62 6040
20-21.11 (on-site) Package 478 120 137 3680 39800 2990 106 10350
Note! Any person joining the DuoLife Club after 16.10.21 until the end of the sales process can buy a ticket or tickets for TFT at reduced prices: 1 ticket – 199 PLN, Package of 2 tickets – 318 PLN.
See the speeches given by Joanna Gdaniec and Beata Kapcewicz at the August TFT.
Let your every day be a special day…
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