Don't get viruses! We present DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno® - a new dimension of resistance

Dear Club Members,
do you wonder how to effectively defend yourselves against viruses and infections? Are you looking for a way to increase your safety in a time of still difficult epidemiological situation? You want to minimize the risk of getting sick as much as possible, but don't know where to start? Here is the answer: DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno®, our latest dietary supplement that helps protect the body.
The reality that has been surrounding us for several months now has forced us to look for new solutions in terms of taking care of health and immunity. At DuoLife we have taken action based on the latest news and research conducted by hundreds of lab technicians and scientists around the world. Our experts have used, among others, the 2020 study on better diagnosis of COVID-19 disease, and the effect of their work is a dietary supplement DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno®!
The unique composition, in accordance with the principles of synergy, consists of carefully selected ingredients that have undergone clinical trials. Their high bioavailability ensures adequate absorption and thus support of the immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The ingredients of the dietary supplement can directly contribute to supporting the body in the fight against viral and bacterial infections and support the body in the fight against inflammatory infections.
New dimension of immunity
Key features of DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno®
Supports the body in the fight
against viral infections
and inflammation
High, clinically proven
bioavailability of ingredients
High content of potential
viral protease inhibitors
Innovative combination
of standardized phytonutrients
Multidirectional action
The conscious origin
of the ingredients and their effects
confirmed by tests
100% nature
100% safety
"Yes" for vegetarians
Synergy of action
Proprietary formulas
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DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno® is a product that contains as many as two proprietary formulas and has been developed in the best proportions that provide the original intended effect – supporting the body in the fight against viral infections. The whole process, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by tests, is closed in four steps:
Step 1
Appropriate absorption due to high bioavailability of ingredients
Step 2
Support in the fight against viruses and inflammation
Step 3
Neutralization of free radicals
Step 4
Supporting the general condition of the body
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Please note:
in line with recent environmental decisions we have already announced, DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno® will not include the leaflet. The product also does not contain the so-called internal leaflet.

At the same time, we would like to add that in the initial stage, the DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno® dietary supplement will not be available in the Ukraine and Eurasian Customs Union countries.
DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno® – For the sake of body safety. A new dimension of immunity!
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Comments (14)
Justyna Tomaszewicz

Ciekawy produkt. Wypróbuję na pewno ☺️

Justyna Tomaszewicz 8/16/20, 7:50:21 AM
Ewa Kosior


Ewa Kosior 8/16/20, 7:53:33 AM
Katarzyna Hellwig

Super.Muszę go mieć!!!

Katarzyna Hellwig 8/16/20, 8:20:30 AM
Branislav Ďorď

Tak toto už áno. Vďaka.

Branislav Ďorď 8/16/20, 10:46:42 AM
Carmen Gherman


Carmen Gherman 8/16/20, 4:30:05 PM
MUDr. Nikolaj Kulčickij, MBA

Vynikající. Další výjimečný produkt společnosti DuoLífe. Skvělá práce. Jen tak dál.

MUDr. Nikolaj Kulčickij, MBA 8/16/20, 4:49:36 PM
Elżbieta Węglarz

Jestem ogromnie wdzięczna i już dzisiaj zamawiam ❤️

Elżbieta Węglarz 8/16/20, 5:07:21 PM
Elżbieta Węglarz

Jestem ogromnie wdzięczna i już dzisiaj zamawiam ❤️

Elżbieta Węglarz 8/16/20, 5:09:21 PM
Luís Carlos Oliveira

Paragens, 5*****

Luís Carlos Oliveira 8/16/20, 5:30:19 PM
Luís Carlos Oliveira

Paragens, 5*****

Luís Carlos Oliveira 8/16/20, 5:30:20 PM
Edyta Stępczyńska


Edyta Stępczyńska 8/16/20, 6:50:03 PM
Fernando Matos

Mega suplemento de combate ao vírus, FABULOSO e inconfundível

Fernando Matos 8/16/20, 6:59:10 PM
Maria Curteanu

Minunat! Multumim Duo Life pentru protectia de virusuri, dar si de vaccinuri! O imunitate ridicata, adecvata, ne va proteja sanatatea!

Maria Curteanu 8/16/20, 9:07:34 PM
senhorinha Bras

Fantastico. Parabéns Equipa.

senhorinha Bras 8/17/20, 11:06:58 AM