Do you want to gain knowledge about supplementation and its effect on the human body?

Dear Club Members,
We would like to convey a very important piece of information to you. We uploaded into the system 4 videos made for you by Dr Kardasz! Moreover, they are available in many language versions, so you can effortlessly benefit from the valuable knowledge in the form of a great tool, which contributes to both business development and your knowledge about supplementation.
The videos bring up the following issues:
• Is supplementation a necessity nowadays?
• What is the difference between natural and synthetic dietary supplements?
• What is the difference between DuoLife supplements and other products available on the market?
• What is the body’s natural ability to regenerate?
The videos are available on the website ( in the following languages:
• Polish (PL)
• German (DE)
• Czech (CZ)
• Dutch (NL)
• Italian (IT)
• French (FR)
• Russian (RU)
• Ukrainian (UA)
• Hungarian (HU)
• Slovak (SK)
We encourage you to use the knowledge conveyed in that form.
See the videos now →
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Comments (5)
Eric Himschoot

Please let control the information above in correct language please! The most if the words are not separeted and are hardly to read!

Eric Himschoot 1/4/19, 12:59:52 PM
Maria Riedel

Vielen lieben Dank! Sehr wichtiges Infomaterial!

Maria Riedel 1/5/19, 3:03:32 PM
Natalya Garder

Огромное спасибо!

Natalya Garder 1/8/19, 2:43:25 PM
Agnieszka Czujko

Super - dziękuję :)

Agnieszka Czujko 1/8/19, 8:35:04 PM
Successfull Life Peter & Andrea


Successfull Life Peter & Andrea 1/10/19, 11:47:18 PM