Special Bonuses for Committed DUOLIFE Club Members within the “Effective Growth” programme. It’s a programme like never before, and a unique opportunity to get a special Bonus: 1) up to 1,000,000 BP for the Promoted Person; 2) up to 100,000 BP for the Recommending Person. Details can be found HERE.

Changes to the rewards mechanism on myduolife.com


Dear Club Members,

we would like to inform you that from September 18, 2023 the mechanism of awarding prizes in all current and future promotions in the MyDUOLIFE system will change.

Until now, prizes were awarded automatically in selected promotions. After modifications in each promotion, the Club Member will have to mark the prize he/she will receive. The prize will then be added to the shopping cart. All promotions will work as in the example below.

1. Prize selection

2. The prize goes to the basket

We are convinced that the modifications will be very beneficial for you. At the same time, we encourage you to shop in our store.


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