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Amendments to the Regulations of the DuoLife Club


Dear Club Members,

we would like to inform you about the changes we have introduced to the Regulations of the DuoLife Club. The main changes apply to all zones and result from the need to care for the good image of the company and the correctness of processes, as well as to counteract the undue calculation of points from unrealized orders and the use of unethical practices. We believe that the changes will bring many benefits to both the company and reliably operating DuoLife Club Members, who will be able to further develop in accordance with the #DuoLifeGoUP idea and celebrate great successes with us!

Modifications come into force after 14 calendar days from the moment of informing about the change in the Regulations, i.e. from 16.08.2022

What are the changes about?

Returns of orders, both unclaimed and those for which the sales contract has been withdrawn. Each order that is returned to DuoLife will be automatically canceled along with the points calculated for that order. In the event that the return concerns an order placed in an already settled Settlement Period, the points calculated for this order will be deducted in the current Settlement Period.

Prohibition of using unethical practices in the promotion of recommendation marketing entities among other DuoLife Club Members.

Possibilities of suspension or deletion of the Club Member's Account by DuoLife in the event of no Monthly Activity for a period longer than 12 months.

Below is the full version of the changes made

Amendments to the DuoLife Club Regulations

Own Activity - monthly purchases of DuoLife Products or services with a point value, defined in the Compensation Plan as the level of consumer or business activity, resulting from direct sales promotion, made by Customers at the Club Member's request (Customer purchases made via the reference link received from the Club Member) and purchases for personal use in the DuoLife online store.

Active Club Member - A Club Member who has achieved Own Activity in the current Settlement Period.

Active Status - The Club Member has an Active Status if he or she receives points at least once in 12 months, resulting from direct recommendation of DuoLife Products and/or purchase of these Products for personal use

4. Ordering Services and Products

4.1. No changes

4.2. No changes

4.3. No changes

4.4. The Club Member is obliged to collect the ordered Products in a timely manner and pay for them. DuoLife has the right to refuse to fulfill the order of the Club Member who has violated the obligation referred to in the sentence above, and in the event of repetition of the violation, to suspend the Club Member's Account.

4.5. Each order not collected on time and returned to DuoLife or returned by the Customer or the Club Member to DuoLife by way of withdrawal from the sales contract will be automatically canceled and points calculated to this order with it, and the funds paid for the order will be returned via the same methods that were used to make payment for the order.

4.6. The Club Member may withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment with the ordered Products. To do this within the time limit referred to in the above sentence, the Club Member is obliged to deliver Products covered by the withdrawal and a declaration of withdrawal from the sales contract and bear the direct costs of returning the goods. All points calculated in connection with the order covered by the withdrawal from the sales contract will be deducted in the Club Member's Structure to which they were previously included.

4.7. In the event that the rebate or remuneration was calculated on the basis of points awarded for the purchased Products which were then returned to DuoLife, DuoLife is entitled to deduct the points wrongly credited in the Membership Structure to which they were previously credited and recalculate the points due, and in the event that when the rebate or remuneration has already been collected by the Club Member, to be deducted from the next, further calculated points or to demand a refund of unduly obtained benefits. The details of the order process are described in the “Shopping Regulations” Annex.

8. Participation in another entity of Recommendation Marketing.

8.1. DuoLife Club Members are not prohibited from cooperating with other entities providing their services on the market. However, advertising, offering and selling directly or indirectly the products and services of another entity operating in the form of Recommendation Marketing (i.e. multi-level marketing, direct selling, affiliate programs and similar) among other Club Members and offering them cooperation.will be considered a serious infringement of the interests of DuoLife and/or entities from the DuoLife group.

8.2. Throughout the term of the Membership Agreement, Club Members are prohibited from:

a) combining DuoLife presentations with other presentations on the same day and using the collected personal data of participants during these meetings for purposes other than attracting new Clients and Club Members to the DuoLife Club

b) advertising projects, products and business opportunities of other companies from the Recommendation Marketing industry, both directly and in the broadly understood Social Media and Internet communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Mailing, etc.) to other DuoLife Club Members,

c) contacting other DuoLife Club Members, in any form, including through the broadly understood Social Media and Internet communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Mailing, etc.) in order to persuade them to terminate the contractual relations with DuoLife,

d) using their own sales group within the DuoLife sales network to promote the sale of products, goods and services that are not marketed by DuoLife,

e) use databases and/or information owned by DuoLife and/or other entities from the DuoLife group, regarding employees, associates, customers and other Club Members, in order to persuade them to terminate their contractual relations with DuoLife and/or other entities with DuoLife group.

8.3. In the event of a breach by the Club Member of any of the provisions contained in point 8.2. above, DuoLife has the right to immediately exclude the Club Member from participating in any competitions and incentive programs, including car, training, Founders Club, etc., organized by DuoLife and suspend the Club Member's Account until the Club Member refrains from any prohibited activities. Failure by the Club Member to refrain from any prohibited activities will result in termination of membership in the Club and removal of the Club Member's Account from the system.

Changes to the "Policies and Procedures"

5. Maintaining the Club Member status.

5.1. A Club Member's Account that has been inactive for a period of 12 months, i.e. has not received any points resulting from direct recommendation of DuoLife Products and/or the purchase of these Products for personal use may be suspended or deleted which is tantamount to losing the Club Member's status, position in the Structure DuoLife and accumulated points and, consequently, termination of membership in the Club.

5.2. The Club Member whose Account has been suspended and who has terminated the Membership Agreement or deleted it, for the reasons referred to in point 5.1. above, has the right to re-join the Club at any time and in any chosen Structure.

5.3. A Club Member whose Membership Agreement has been terminated as a result of inactivity, who re-submits his candidacy for membership in the DuoLife Club, is registered on the terms applicable to each new Club Member Candidate without the possibility of obtaining his rights in force before the termination of the Agreement.

We are convinced that the above changes will have a positive impact on the long-term building of the DuoLife brand image, ensuring safety and equal development opportunities for honest Club Members.

Dear Club Member!

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Comments (1)
Jolanta Dlugowska

5.3. Klubowicz, którego Umowa Członkowska została rozwiązana w wyniku braku aktywności, który zgłosi ponownie swoją kandydaturę do członkostwa w Klubie DuoLife, jest rejestrowany na zasadach dotyczących każdego nowego Kandydata na Klubowicza bez możliwości pozyskania swoich uprawnień obowiązujących przed rozwiązaniem Umowy.- czyli klubowicz, ktorego bezposrednio zarejestrowalam, po 12 miesiacach nieaktywnosci, moze sie zalogowac ponownie w zupelnie innej strukturze, korzystajac z linka innego klubowicza? Jesli dobrze interpretuje ten punk, to moga wystapic kolejne nieczyste zachowania.

Jolanta Dlugowska 8/3/22, 2:36:40 AM