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Aleksandra Ciężka becomes a new DuoLife Brand Ambassador!


Dear Club Members,

We are proud to inform you that Aleksandra Ciężka has become a new DuoLife Brand Ambassador. Welcome in our Team!

Aleksandra Ciężka

becomes a new DuoLife
Brand Ambassador!

Welcome aboard!

Aleksandra has been training kickboxing for 6 years now. She has been its instructor for a year, training children and adolescents. In 2021, she became the Polish champion in kickboxing and was called up to the National Team. Moreover, Aleksandra can boast of other successes:

winning the Polish Cup in 2021;

being three times the Polish vice-champion in Light Contact and Kick Light;

winning the 3rd place at the Polish Senior Championship in Light Contact.

We are glad that such a titled and talented sportsperson has joined the team of our Ambassadors! Consistency, hard work and being success-oriented are the values cherished by Aleksandra and, at the same time, coincident with the DuoLife philosophy!

Dear Club Member!

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