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A new face of beauty – we present the DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care cosmetic line!

Dear Club Members,
Here comes the hottest première of this year! We are proud to present a new cosmetic line – DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care.
Four unique products, which are a real breakthrough on the cosmetics market, will change the face skin care for good. Cosmetics in the DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care line: day cream, night cream, serum and mask help to keep your face skin looking absolutely beautiful, young, healthy and radiant despite the naturally progressing aging processes. Each of them has been created to effectively fight wrinkles and signs of aging, and together they create a unique combination of amazing effectiveness.
The new DuoLife cosmetic line is the answer to the needs of everyone who cares about proper skin care. The secret of its great power lies in the unique composition – the products were created on the basis of innovative formulas, technologies protected with patents, active substances with outstanding moisturizing properties (4D hyaluronic acid) and as many as three types of high-quality collagen while maintaining an impressive natural index. Products with such a composition are a real sensation and a revolution in the world of facial skin care.
1. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY COLLAGEN – the use of collagen hydrate with a patented method of thermal (stability up to 32°C) and microbiological stabilization guarantees exclusivity and uniqueness on the International market. The DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care line is the only such product on the cosmetic market!
2. Cutting-edge manufacturing technology GELTRAP – allows to obtain a stable product with a very high collagen and active substances content. Thanks to the technology applied, all of the emulsifiers used are 100% natural. One of them is approved by certification organisations such as COSMOS and ECO CERT. DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care guarantee an amazing feeling on the skin and very effective penetration of active substances into our face skin, thanks to the gelled water phase.
3. Very high collagen content in cosmetics:
Day cream – 30% collagen concentration, including 18.5% of collagen hydrate.
Night cream – 14% collagen concentration, including 9% of collagen hydrate.
Face serum – fish collagen and sea urchin-derived collagen; even a small amount of the latter stimulates collagen production in the skin.
Face mask – a concentrated form of collagen for a quick effect of a taut, firm skin.
4. NATURAL COLLAGEN FILLER – three types of collagen are used in the products, a phenomena innovative and unique on the International market.
Native, water-soluble collagen with a skin-identical triple helix structure. Its amino acid composition is very similar to human type I collagen.
Collagen hydrate derived from bighead carp skin, with a patented heat and microbiological stabilisation technology, WITH PRESERVED PROTEIN STRUCTURE AND PRESERVED TRIPLE HELIX STRUCTURE.
Marine fish collagen in a complex with methylsilanetriol and silicon.
5. NATURAL INDEX – high in every product, not less than 96% for the whole line.
Natural index for individual products:
Collagen Day Cream – 98,5%.
Collagen Night Cream – 97,7%.
Collagen Face Mask – 96,5%.
Collagen Face Serum – 98,4%.
6. SYNERGIZM DZIAŁANIA of the used collagen types
Types of collagen used in the DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care line:
Native, water-soluble collagen with a skin-identical triple helix structure. Its amino acid composition closely resembles that of human collagen type I. It creates a film-forming layer that prevents water loss through the epidermis, absorbing water from the environment at the same time and providing maximum skin hydration.
Collagen hydrate derived from bighead carp skin RICH IN MELANIN = PROTECTION AGAINST UV RADIATION. Shows remarkable hydrating and firming properties, improves skin elasticity
Marine fish collagen in complex with methylsilanetriol and silicon – a silanol combination allowing for immediate skin tightening, which results in the reduction of visibility of fine lines literally right after the application of the product.
7. HIGH HYDRATATION – unique, unparalleled active substances with exceptionally strong hydrating effect used in products whose effectiveness and results were proven by research. HYMAGIC 4D (hyaluronic acid) – a unique blend of four types of hyaluronic acid with diversified properties that penetrate into all layers of our skin.
8. MARINE ORIGIN – specially selected active substances derived from marine organisms according to the current trend "Marine organisms are a key to our youth".
9. HYPOALLERGENIC – ECO CERT 100% natural, ECOCERT-approved emulsifiers were used in products from the DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care line. Moreover, selected active substances show hypoallergenic properties and are COSMOS-approved (Cosmetic Organic Standard), which guarantees genuine natural composition.
10. ALERGEN FREE – no potential allergens which are usually found in fragrance compositions.
On the occasion of the première of the DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care line, we have prepared a special offer for you. With the purchase of 4 new products (you only need to buy one item each), you will get an elegant gift bag for just USD 0.10. This is a great opportunity to give your loved one a phenomenal surprise gift or simply ... treat yourself with a bit of pleasure.
The offer is valid until 15/10/22 or until stocks are exhausted. The offer is activated in the shopping cart summary section. Limited offer. At once you can purchase a maximum of 5 sets with a bag.
We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this unique offer.
For the sake of healthy, nourished, radiant and eternally young face skin, choose DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care. The new face of beauty is waiting for you!
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