A new chapter in the development of DuoLife in the USA! New zone is available on MyDuoLife!

Dear Club Members,
we have been consistently implementing our strategy of coming from Poland to the world, which has already become a reality and we are present in many markets. We have huge plans and dreams, hence we know that the best is yet to come. One of such places with fantastic potential is the American market which is of strategic importance to us. Therefore, in order to appreciate your commitment to the development of our Club in the USA, we are pleased to inform you that on February 16, 2020 in the MyDuoLife system there has beed added a new dedicated USA zone with a new currency (USD)! Everything for you, Club Members from the USA, whom want to set the trail leading straight from Poland to American success!
What improvements have come into force with the introduction of the new zone? Below you can find the ones that matter most to you and guarantee the most benefits. 
Starting February 16, 2020, the currency in the US zone for purchases and settlements is the US dollar (USD). We believe that thanks to this all financial operations will become simpler and more transparent for you.
 Starting February 16, 2020, the Virtual DuoLife Wallets of every US Club Member has been converted from PLN to USD according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland from the previous business day. All transactions in the Virtual Wallet and the current balance will be converted.
 Starting  February 16, 2020, all commissions from the Compensation Plan will be calculated in USD according to the conversion rate 1 point = $ 0.25 *.
*DuoLife reserves the right to change the exchange rate in the event of sudden exchange rate fluctuations upon prior notice of Club Members through an official announcement on myduolife.com.
The launch of a new zone is associated with the need to introduce a new product price list with prices in USD. As a result, prices will change to cover the total cost of shipping your orders for a minimum of 500 points from Poland to the USA. So far, the delivery of such an order has cost you around 50-80 $. In the new formula, the cost of delivery will be only: 1 $ USD! 
At the same time, we would like to inform you that we are keeping the option of combined orders! You can combine orders freely regardless of the number of points - the only limit is the maximum value of a shipment which is $ 600. In order to make the process easier, we implement a system of combining orders for the USA, just like it works in Poland and in other countries. We will send you detailed instructions by mailing.
- if the total number of points in a combined shipment is minimum 500 pts, we send the package immediately with a free delivery cost.
- if the total number of points in a combined shipment is less than 500 pts, we value the shipment according to the courier company's price list, we issue a separate order for the delivery cost and we send the shipment after the delivery payment.
Of course, launching a new zone must mean ... NEW PROMOTIONS! Specially for you we have prepared the following unique offers, which from 16.02 are only applicable on the US market!
Free delivery of parcels from 500 points
Listening to your needs and wanting to improve logistics, from 16.02.2020 we will deliver every order for a minimum of 500 points to the USA for 1$!
Warning! Remember that the maximum customs value of goods with delivery to the USA is USD 600 gross. In the event of exceeding a given customs value, customs and tax fees may be charged, the liability of which shall be borne by the Club Member.
Reduced delivery cost for the Day & Night set
Only now buying one DuoLife Day / Night Set for 250 points will you get a unique delivery discount! Thanks to this unique promotion, the indicated products will reach you for 15$!
Welcome gift
In response to your suggestions, each registration at the DuoLife Club at a minimum level of 500 points will include a Welcome Gift in the form of a set of 2 glasses with the DuoLife logo. Thanks to them, you can measure the right amount of your favorite liquid products in an easy and pleasant way.
Loyalty Bonus
We are introducing a new 500pts Loyalty Bonus specially for the USA. By maintaining monthly activity at the business level of 500 points, from the second Settlement Period you will receive unique gifts in the form of products! Below we present the graphics with the course of the Loyalty Bonus.
 As part of the Loyalty Bonus, you can choose any capsule! All you need to do is specify the name of the capsule in comments when placing an order. If there is no comment, we will send you BorelissPro NEW.
In the event of interruption in activity at the level of a minimum of 500 points, the process starts from the beginning, i.e. from the first Settlement Period in accordance with the above graphic. 
The current 250 Customer Loyalty Bonus will be withdrawn.
If, at the time of implementing the new Loyalty Bonus, the Club Member was already on their way to receive the bonus according to the old logic, when placing the order they will be able to choose which Loyalty Bonus they wants to use.
If you have questions or concerns, we strongly encourage you to contact our helpline or by e-mail: info@duolife.eu.
We believe that the introduction of the above changes will translate into a dynamic and effective development of the DuoLife Club in the USA, and above all will lead you to many grateful American hearts! We encourage you to take advantage of new opportunities. Change your life for the better with DuoLife!
Let every day be a special day…
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