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Business Development Seminars - Wydarzenie PL

Business Development Seminars

November 18, 2023 (saturday),
time 10:00 AM
November 18, 2023 (saturday),
time 2:00 PM

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00-000 Online, Poland Serravalle
17.00 USD
gross (0% VAT)

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Let the countdown to BDS International Online begin! See what you can expect!

November 2023

Bartosz Królikowski

President of the Board of Directors of DUOLIFE S.A.

Łukasz Godyń

Vice-President of the Board of DUOLIFE S.A.

Norbert Janeczek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DUOLIFE S.A.

Piotr Pacyga

of the Supervisory Board of DUOLIFE S.A.

Piotr Kardasz Ph.D. (Hon.)

Chairman of the Scientific Council of

Joanna Gdaniec

IMPROsprzedaż Coach
Co-Founder of the Momentum Way
and President of Personal
Excellence Network

Marek Krakus

President of the Help Furaha Foundation

Paulina Janusz

Director of the World Healthy
Living Foundation


As we prepare for BDS International Online (18/11/2023), which will be the 12th online event, we want to let you know what you can expect.  

Here is the event programme: 

Development Session;

Co-Founders' Session

Leaders' Council Panel;

Health Session;

Awards Session;

Presidential Session.

During BDS International Online: 

development and health experts will speak;

you will be able to hear the stories of managers, directors and presidents. You will get answers to your questions;

you will learn why you should take part in our events and why inviting your guests to these events improves the credibility of your business;

you will learn from the best.

How can I access the event? 


Place an order and buy the number of tickets of your choice.

Pay for the order.

Assign the tickets to specific persons – you have time until Friday 17/11/2023, 10:00 AM.


Each individual assigned to a specific ticket will receive a registration link for the event on Friday before BDS (17/11/2023)

ZOOM will send you an invitation which will enable you to attend BDS International.


15 minutes before the event open the ZOOM invitation and click.

Immerse yourself in the world of DUOLIFE.

When does the event start?

On Saturday 18/11/2023 we begin at 10:00 AM (UTC +2), BDS is expected to end at 2:00 PM (UTC +2). There will be a short break at the halfway point of the event.  

What happens if I miss a session? 

Every ticket holder who misses a session will receive a recording after the event. You will be able to watch the recording at your convenience.   

When and how can I buy a ticket?

You can make an order and pay for the tickets here. Remember, you will get the appropriate tickets only after they are assigned! Tickets are on sale until 17/11/2023, 10:00 AM Afterwards we download the e-mails assigned to the tickets from the system and send registration links.

Type Price
BDS Bilet

17.00 USD
gross (0% VAT)

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BDS Bilet 10+2

170.00 USD
gross (0% VAT)

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00-000 Online, Poland Serravalle

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