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Today for Tomorrow | Celebration Weekend

Today for Tomorrow

August 21, 2021 (saturday),
time 10:00 AM
August 22, 2021 (sunday),
time 3:00 PM

Arena Gliwice
Akademicka 50
44-100 Gliwice, Poland
114,00 USD
gross (0% VAT)

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This is really happening! After a long break, DuoLife events are returning to their traditional form and... in a completely new, even better version!
Experience it for yourself and take part in DuoLife Today for Tomorrow | Celebration Weekend (TFT) – an exceptional event, during which you'll feel the real power of DuoLife!
TFT is an event not to be missed, and a unique chance to feel the magical DuoLife atmosphere again. If you miss our events or have only been with us for a short time and don't yet know what events are like in the traditional form – you simply have to be there! You never know when such an opportunity will come again, so you can't waste this unique chance.

The new reality for everyone can be friendly and attractive, full of opportunities and positive and lasting relationships, which are a value of great importance. At DuoLife, we are well aware of this, which is why we want to create the best environment for you to work and grow. TFT is a very important step in this direction.
A situation that has affected us all recently has shown that change is the only certain thing in life. However, the crisis and fragility we face during a pandemic can be a great lesson in helping you realise your full potential! DuoLife Today for Tomorrow | Celebration Weekend will prove to you that it really is possible. During this event we will take care of stable tomorrow for our whole Community, which is based on Health, Development and Business built on DuoLife products and Compensation Plan.
On our stage will appear Co-Founders of DuoLife, outstanding Experts, and above all, Directors of DuoLife Club! Their amazing stories that define success are sure to inspire you with a powerful dose of motivation and help pave the trail leading straight to the top!
What does this mean? You just can’t miss it!
Bartosz Królikowski
Co-founder, President of DuoLife S.A. Management Board
Łukasz Godyń
Co-founder, Vice-President of DuoLife S.A. Management Board
Norbert Janeczek
Co-founder, Chairman of DuoLife S.A. Supervisory Board
Piotr Pacyga
Co-founder and Vice-Chairman of DuoLife S.A. Supervisory Board
Dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz, Ph.D. (Hon.)
Chairman of DuoLife Scientific Council
Małgorzata Karpińska–Trojanowska
DuoLife expert, author of DuoLife and LAZIZAL® cosmetics
Joanna Gdaniec
Co-founder and President of Personal Excellence Network
Beata Kapcewicz
Co-founder and President of Momentum Way
Join us and get an inside look into the exciting world of DuoLife, where all dreams come true. The first stationary event we are organising since February 2020 will have an exceptional character, so we strongly encourage you to participate! The past few months have not been easy, but we at DuoLife have met all of our challenges, so now it's time to have fun together and celebrate our successes! By the way – we will combine business with pleasure by organising special sessions full of knowledge and motivation!
Only at Today for Tomorrow | Celebration Weekend:
You'll learn how to create a sustainable tomorrow by building a business around DuoLife's products and Compensation Plan.
You will meet the DuoLife Club Leaders who are the driving force behind our company.
During the two days of lectures you will listen to the speeches of the best business practitioners with numerous successes to their credit.
You'll learn fascinating stories from DuoLife Club Directors that will inspire you to action.
Our experts – Piotr Kardasz, Ph.D. (Hon.), Chairman of the Scientific Council of DuoLife S.A. and Malgorzata Karpinska-Trojanowska, M.Sc., Pharm., author of DuoLife and LAZIZAL® cosmetics – will introduce you to DuoLife products and also present new products that will be available in 2021.
You will get the best solutions and on-line business tool to make you ready for any circumstances.
You will take part in a unique concert and additional artistic attractions that will put you in a great mood.
You will strengthen your relationships and feel the value of being part of the DuoLife Community.
We are waiting for you!
We would like to inform you that for the purpose of the event, we rented an area of 22,000 m2 in the Arena Gliwice, which normally seats as many as 13.5 thousand people! Due to restrictions, the number of seats is limited to 2,000 people, although COVID-19 vaccinated persons are not included in the limit.
Today for Tomorrow | Celebration Weekend
Note! Due to restrictions, the number of places for unvaccinated persons is limited to 2000.
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114,00 USD
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Arena Gliwice
Akademicka 50
44-100 Gliwice, Poland