Business Development Seminars | 04.04.2020 | Arena Legionowo

Business Development Seminars

April 4, 2020 (saturday),
time 10:00 AM
April 4, 2020 (saturday),
time 7:00 PM

Arena Legionowo
Bolesława Chrobrego 50B
05-120 Legionowo, Poland Mazowieckie
43,00 USD
gross (0% VAT)

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April 2020
The Business Development Seminars are monthly meetings that take place across Poland and regularly attract several hundred people who decide to start their conscious path leading to a real success
an all-day seminar during which you will meet experts from the areas of personal development, authentic sale, business and health
an event during which you will see that it is you who also can achieve real success
lectures during which you will get priceless knowledge that you will apply in practice in almost every area of your life
moments full of inspiration, broadening knowledge, developing skills and establishing new contacts
the first step on your path to success
If you would like to meet us in
4 April 2020
don’t hesitate
Hurry up - numer of the places id limited
Plan of the
Business Development Seminars
09:00 - 19:00 | Duration of the seminar
Arrive earlier
Please arrive earlier and register in a specially prepared stand at the hotel
Bring your ticket
Please bring your printed ticket with QR code or an electronic version of the ticket. You will need to show your ticket during the registration process.

what we have prepared for you!


Norbert Janeczek
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DuoLife S.A.

Piotr Pacyga
Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DuoLife S.A.
Leaders' session

Joanna Gdaniec
President of the Personal Excellence Network

dr h. c. Piotr Kardasz Piotr
Member of the DuoLife S.A. Supervisory Board

mgr Małgorzata Karpińska – Trojanowska
Master in Pharmacy, graduate of the Medical University in Lodz, long-time researcher at the Military Medical Academy, technologist and director of the implementation laboratory

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1. Each Club member who bought a ticket will be automatically marked in the system with the BDS icon. This will allow you to verify who of your structure will be present at the given seminar..
2. Bank accounts :
PLN Currency: PL 88 1050 1445 1000 0090 8069 5753
Attention The account number is only used for transferring funds for the seminar - it is a different account number than the one generally applicable for transferring funds for products, activities, start packages etc.
EUR Currency: PL 33 1050 1445 1000 0090 8056 9867
Other Currencies: PL 88 1050 1445 1000 0090 8069 5753
Place of the event:

Arena Legionowo

ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 50B
05-120 Legionowo
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Arena Legionowo
Bolesława Chrobrego 50B
05-120 Legionowo, Poland Mazowieckie