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When registering as a Club Member, make a purchase for a minimum of 250 points. You then have the opportunity to buy products at a lower price (even up to 40%), as well as earn money from purchases made by other people in your online store.

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Buy cheaper.

When registering as a Preferred Customer, make any purchase. Then you have the opportunity to buy products at a lower price (even up to 20%)


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Provide any name which will be part of this address,e.g.: The name can be from 2 to 20 characters long, and the first one must be a letter. The address of partner’s link must not include the word DuoLife.

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We have to ask you to accept the rules and regulations and to give marketing consent.

We know that nobody likes reading and ticking marketing consent checkboxes but it's the law and at DuoLife we always protect your rights and comply with any legal provisions.

We can assure you that your data will never be transferred to other entities unrelated to DuoLife, nor will they be used in any other way than by the DuoLife company to communicate with you.

You can always update the consent given by changing the settings of you Club Member/Customer account or by contacting our Customer Service Centre.