SMS function

It is an excellent tool
helping to run business

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have you got an
SMS function

It is an excellent tool helping to run business. It has two advantages: you receive important notifications, and also thanks to them you build your position!

Imagine you are at the business meeting with the persons you have just met, and you keep receiving messages. Your business is developing, which can be easily noticed by your meeting partners! And your talks bring more effective results!

Specify your own position
regarding the SMS function

Remember, you may always verify your opinion in this matter and you may expressly inform if your still wish to receive information via SMS. SMS messages are free of charge for one full Settlement Period (SP). After that you shall be charged for this SMS function according to the Table of Commissions and Charges.

Text messages (SMS) are free all the time. To receive free SMS, all you need to do is tick your consent to receive them in your Member Panel.

Club Member Panel

Find out for yourself!

SMS function increases the possibilities to grow your business ! Find out for yourself!

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