We encourage you to take advantage of the function – Upgrade for Club Members!

Dear Club Members,
You have the possibility to place orders in our system as a Preferred Customer. If your order comprises products crediting you with a total of 250 points or more, you can get an upgrade. This means that your status will change from Preferred Customer to Club Member.
This offer is worth considering since it entails additional benefits.
You can find this feature in the system As it has recently been moved to the main menu, you have easier access to it.
We encourage you to take advantage of this function.
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Comments (10)
M4M Plus Sp z.o.o.

świetna informacja, dziękujemy

M4M Plus Sp z.o.o. 7/25/18, 1:28:33 PM
Dorota Więckowska

Super :-)

Dorota Więckowska 7/25/18, 2:04:24 PM
Justyna Stasińska


Justyna Stasińska 7/25/18, 2:20:53 PM
Łukasz Kołodziej

Dzięki super!

Łukasz Kołodziej 7/25/18, 11:02:35 PM
Zbigniew Bułaty


Zbigniew Bułaty 7/26/18, 12:02:00 PM
Krzysztof Pasiewicz

SUPER!!! Dzięki Wielkie :)

Krzysztof Pasiewicz 7/26/18, 1:39:28 PM
Ewelina Ostrowska


Ewelina Ostrowska 7/27/18, 9:12:31 AM
Barbara Skudrzyk

Rewelacja! Dzięki wielkie :)

Barbara Skudrzyk 7/29/18, 1:22:45 PM
Krzysztof Samulik

Wspaniała wiadomość

Krzysztof Samulik 7/30/18, 12:04:36 PM
Marta Mirż

Rewelacja :)

Marta Mirż 7/31/18, 11:56:30 PM