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New, larger packages of your favourite SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours – coffee and salted caramel!

Dear Club Members,
have a look at new, larger packages of SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours! Your favourite flavours – coffee and salted caramel – are now availabie in 100 g packages!
By introducing a new 100 g packages of the flavours of your choice, we take another step towards more ecological thinking. One large package will replace a number of small sachets to reduce the amount of waste that goes into your bin. What is more, such packaging type is simply more efficient.
SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours will work perfectly in combination with SHAPE CODE® Slim SHAKE nutrition shake and a new product – SHAPE CODE® Protein Shake!
100% natural
Natural flavours
Natural sweetener
No added sugar
Suitable for vegans
SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours coffee
SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours salted caramel
We strongly encourage you to buy the new edition of SHAPE CODE® Best Flavours. Enjoy the special SHAPE CODE® Slim Shake and SHAPE CODE® Protein Shake cocktails in the flavours of your choice in a new, more ecological version!
Let your every day be a special day…
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